About FES Company
FRANCE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM suggests everyone interested to enter a school or university in France.
We have developed a wide range of services including legal and psychological support, as well as professional translations.
The company's specialists will gladly select an educational institution that meets your requests, draw up contracts in French, do the paperwork, and, if necessary, teach your child using language on a basic level.

With us, you will not only have professional support, but also save time, since all the necessary paperwork is usually completed within 5-7 days.
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Founder and CEO
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Why choose us?
If you contact us for help in organizing study for you or your child, you can be sure that our specialists are highly-skilled professionals. We will quickly and efficiently resolve all issues and provide you with favorable conditions for a trip to France.
We value each of our clients and believe that the most important thing is to do our job quickly and efficiently. The main point is that it is useful for you!

We are familiar with all the peculiarities and subtleties of France’s educational system and have a vast experience in organizing study in this beautiful country. By contacting us, you get the opportunity to study in the best educational institutions. We will be happy to guide you in a wide range of educational programs, help you make a choice and do the necessary paperwork to enter and stay in France!
If you have any questions and would like to get more detailed information, then our consultants will be happy to help you!
Dear friends, we are waiting for your requests!
Leave a request and we will kindly consult you on all the questions you have.
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Part of the funds that we get from the sale of educational services is intended to help the COMES center that takes care of homeless animals
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