Training in France

Why France selects young people for education

1. Foreigners may obtain education on an equal footing with the French free, they give out scholarships. The most popular form of financial support is a scholarship from the French Government.

2. Secondary education in the country pay its cost, but much lower than the same services in the UK, Switzerland and the United States.

3. Students have the opportunity to learn French fluently, which stands at the third position in the world, after English and Spanish.

4. Contributions for study in higher educational institutions is the same for all enrolled students...

5. In the country you can find highly qualified educational institutions and learn any profession.

6. For kids run free public kindergartens. They are involved in the development of language, preparing children to learn to express their thoughts, feelings, develop imagination. You can choose from one of the following items according to your needs. Where to pay to learn the child is your personal choice. We will help you to easily and comfortably guide you through complex pathways to learning. Just learning, people will know this world, yourself and others.

Our goal is to help everyone, regardless of status, get a prestigious education. The main criterion of our work we aim to teach easy and any age group. You will not be bored with our experts. They invented a new form of education for children and adults.

We will be able to choose each individual program. You'll want to begin and will be happy to continue. Classes are interesting, specialists provide a wealth of knowledge. Lessons are saturated with information, you will learn quickly and easily. We will help anyone who wants to learn and grow with us, to keep pace with the times, learn new things, be educated, reveal new facets of his skill.

The education system in France has several levels

Pre-primary education
(materneles from 3 to ecoles 6 years)

Elementary School
(6 élémentaire Lecole-11 years)

High school (collége11-15) years;
Secondary school (lycée 15-18 years);

Higher education (18-23 years)

Elementary school begins with a preparatory course and has five levels. During this period the child takes control of speech, teaches French, math, knows the world gets art education. Masters the basic rudiment.

CP-6-years préparatoire Course
CE1-course 1-7 years élémentaire

CE2-course 2-8 years élémentaire

CM1-moyen-1 9 years

Cm2-moyen-age 2-10

After finishing his studies in elementary school, the French go into college. Training is divided into three cycles.

  • class 6 — adaptation cycle where come without examination. Whole year fix received in primary school knowledge. Children begin learning the first foreign language.
  • 5-4 class-central loop. Students choose a profession. During this period, introduce chemistry, physics and the second foreign language.
  • class 3-professional orientation, students must make a choice between general education, technical or professional.

After graduation, young people have the right to move in 2 class and obtain a certificate of professional competence in their chosen profession.

Completes secondary education at the Lycée, study continues 3 year. High schools are divided into three types: General, technological and professional. At the end of the secondary education certificate, which you can do in institution of higher education.

Higher education in France is «short» (lasts 2 years) and «long» (3-year) cycle. The training is carried out at universities, higher or specialized schools. After training the young people get one of three basic levels. Degree or Bachelor degree, Lisan Masters and doctorate.

The course runs from October to June. With the end of the short "cycle issue Deug. After graduating, you can get a job.

After passing the «long» cycle, the student receives a degree of Lisan and can study further on Wizard (2 years). Highest level of education doctorate (3-4 years)

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